“Be the cervical change you wish to see in the world.”

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Innatus Birth is co-founded by two Latina women who whole-heartedly believe in the innate qualities of the pregnant body. Our mission is to support families make well informed, honored, and feel-good decisions that support their birth preferences. Our goal is to provide families with the evidence-base information they need to walk into birth without fear and feeling empowered! Birth is beautiful, powerful and innate! By providing families with intellectual, physical and emotional support, we hope to remove the fear aspect that is so often associated with giving birth and becoming parents. Empowered parents, make empowered children! Let’s start the cycle of empowerment now. Trust yourself, trust your body! You can do this! Innatus Birth believes in you!

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Birth Doula

Aida is a DONA certified Birth Doula and Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. Her practice as a birth worker stems from her early interest in labor and birth that was nourished through her higher education in Human Development, as well as her own pregnancy and birth.

Aida instinctively uses touch as a form of comfort, as well as her calming presence to help her clients find their way through their birth. Her training in comfort techniques and knowledge of acupressure and the pregnant persons anatomy and physiology creates a well-rounded practice.

Aida brings forth her passion and positive energy to support people with all birth preferences, especially in those moments when challenges occur, and things unfold unexpectedly. She is an extra pair of hands, a familiar face and the positive energy needed during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Aida is a New York native, living with her son in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.


Postpartum Doula

Danisha is a postpartum Doula, who believes her role is to inform, support and encourage optimal healing for the entire family. Her training in pain coping strategies, human development, postpartum healing and breastfeeding creates a well-rounded practice.

For the families, she is an extra pair of hands, a familiar face and the positive energy needed during pregnancy and postpartum. Danisha’s passion for postpartum healing is driven by her embodiment of self-care and its importance for the optimal development of the child and parent(s).

Danisha brings forth positivity through her practice of optimism and patience. With a background in Human Development and a Masters in Education, Danisha's knowledge of optimal development from fetus to toddler drives her practice in a unique way. She is eagerly expanding her skill-set by continuing her education in all aspects of birth and postpartum.

Danisha is a New York native, living with her husband in Yonkers, NY.