Having a homebirth?

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How can a pool be helpful in labor?

These pools are larger than most NYC tubs. It allows for the laboring person to immerse themselves into water and use as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is commonly used as a comfort measure for other clinical specialties as well. There is evidence to show that water immersion during labor can be effective for pain relief as well as reducing anxiety.

We have two types of pools for rental: The Birth Pool In A Box and the Le Bassine pool.

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Full Rental . . . . . . . $250

Reservation . . . . . . $125

Liners . . . . . . . . $30 - 50

MyAnchor Strap . . . . $5

Delivery services, Air Pump, Water pump, floor Tarp, Fishnet, Water Thermometer, Fill hose, Empty hose, and water source fit.

The reservation fee is applied to the full rental fee. The balance is due at 37 weeks gestation. Liners are necessary to use with the pools, you may buy one from us or from another source. The MyAnchor strap is rented pending availability. Delivery is scheduled during your 36th week.

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